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    Problem with Date parameter, passing from OTM to Oracke reports

      I am trying to pass a date value from OTM to Oracle reports 10g.
      Parameter defined in OTM & in Oracle Reportd :- parameter name "P_H_FROM_Date" (date datatype in otm and oracle reports without any inputmask)
      Parameter defined in Oracle Reports :- P_L_Date (datatype date without any inputmask)
      SQL Query Date statement:

      and to_date(sh.start_time,'YYYY-MM-DD') >= to_date(:P_L_DATE,'YYYY-MM-DD')

      Under set_lexical_parameter function (following is the date check):

      In Property Inspector :
      P_DATE_FORMAT : character (Initial Value: YY-MM-DD)
      sh.start_time = data type Date in database
      if value_entered(:P_H_FROM_DATE) then
         :P_L_DATE :=   'AND sh.start_time '||get_filter_condition( :P_H_FROM_DATE, :P_DATE_FORMAT);
            :P_L_DATE   :=   'and 1=1';
      end if;
          REP-546: Value does not match mask 'DD-MON-RR'.
      ORA-01858: a non-numeric character was found where a numeric was expected
      REP-0091: Invalid value for parameter 'P_H_FROM_DATE'.
      Please help me, I dont know how to resolve this issue and I need to resolve it ASSP.