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    Origin of Http Session Attributes of type javax.faces.component.UIViewRoot

      I am currently investigating a legacy JSF web app based on JSF 1.1 RI. Its deployed on WAS 7.0. Just in case its important, it is also using IBM JSF component library viz. jsf-ibm.jar.

      I have found many objects of type javax.faces.component.UIViewRoot inside my server side session object i.e. javax.servlet.http.HttpSession. These objects are saved against some attributes named as follows:


      I suspect these attributes are implicitely saved into http session by JSF framework to maintain view state because i could not find any explicit code doing the same. I tried to prove my doubt by creating a tets JSF 1.1. web app and investigating its session attributes but i did not find similar attribute there.

      So now I am wondering how exactly this object gets set as a session attribute? Anyone any idea?