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    New To Oracle

      Hello Forum,
      I am a sql server guy and have to make the change to oracle for work reasons
      I am a software engineer not a dba, but I still need to interact with oracle
      I have access to toad, oracle 11g

      What I need is a starting point for reference.
      I am looking for a beginner to intermediate guide to oracle to include the syntax, and other complex operations
      another guide for toad, pl/sql,
      and if this exists a guide that is designed for the transition from sql server to oracle

      So far after spending some time goggling I have found a lot of oracle admin books, but the tend to skip the basics including syntax which is important as there are big differences between the two languages
      example> in sql server I can have an auto increment identity column in a table, but in oracle this does not exist but rather uses some kind of system sequence -- I have sort of figured this out but still would like a reference to it

      can anyone recommend a book or a list of books that might get me started in the right direction

      thanks to any who can help
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          You can start with http://www.oracle.com/pls/db112/to_toc?pathname=server.112/e25789/toc.htm to have a better understanding of how oracle server works



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            Thanks for those links, they were exactly what I was looking for
            best wishes