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    Cannot Create Data Repository with VM Server (3.1.1) Cluster

      Dear All,

      I have 3 Servers (one for VM Manager, two for VM Servers) and 1 Storage (Sun Storage 6180 (Fiber Chanel) and map volume as Default Storage Domain ).

      I try to create my 2 VM Servers as Cluster on VM Manager but it has problem as below:

      Case1. I can create a Server Pool with cluster by select Clustered Server Pool by select physical disk, add 2 servers then create data repository but it got problem: in page Create a Data Repository: Select Physical Disk is shown blank not see a physical disk.

      Case 2. when I create server pool by uncheck Clustered Server Pool box (None Cluster) and add 2 vm servers then create data repository, the physical disk is shown but got error message:
      "OVMRU_002030E Cannot create OCFS2 file system with local file server: Local FS vmserver1. Its server is not in a cluster
      Wed Dec 26 01:27:12 ICT 2012"

      Please kindly give advice for this.

      Thanks and regards,