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    Cube Refresh Performance Benchmark

      We are facing some performance issue is cube refresh for which we trying to see whether the hard configuration is optimal for the given load.

      Do we have any reference system config / performance benchmark for the same. Pls advise
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          nasar.ali-khan at -Oracle
          Can you explain what kind of performance issue are you facing? How long is it taking and what is your expectation?

          (1). Dimensionality of cube. How many members in each one?
          (2). How many hierarchies in each dimension and is it level-based or value-based?
          (3). Number of stored measures.
          (4). Is it SUM aggregation over all dimensions?
          (5). Is the cube partitioned? If yes, then at what level?
          (6). Is it compressed cube? How much are you pre-aggregating (top and bottom) partitions?
          (7). How many records are you loading?