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    Get Column sum, count in sql developer

      Dear All seniors,
      I need help in oracle sql developer that after select statement when we got our result in below rows and coloums,
      then how to get its sum, count, etc.
      as in pl sql developer we simply right click at a column and then click on the desired function.
      is this facility also have in sql developer?
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          Jim Smith
          SQL Developer doesn's provide this.

          You can request it as an enhancement in the SQL Developer exchange (link at the top of the forum)
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            We've kicked around the idea of doing this for awhile. I believe there's already an item in the Exchange if you want to up vote it. The challenge being if it's a result set which hasn't been fully fetched, doing an aggregate would require one - and that could be costly. Of course folks live in the grids so I see the value in this type of feature as well.

            As a workaround, you could of course export your data to CSV or XLS and do the calculations in your favorite spreadsheet software.