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    Image resize in JSP stored in database.


      I am using Oracle Database.My images are stored in database in ORD Image format.

      ORD Image = > http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/appdev.112/e10776/ch_imgref.htm

      I am fetching image and displaying in JSP.

      I want to resize image stored in database.

      I found Java Advanced Imgaing API and Looking for JSP implemntation example.


      Any idea?

      OrdHttpUploadFile uploadPhoto = null;
      OracleResultSet ors=null;       
      OracleCallableStatement ocstmt = null; 
      OrdImage ordImage=null;
      OrdImage image=null;
      ///////////////// SQL Call to FETCH Record HERE 
      if(ors != null)
           while(ors != null && ors.next()) {
           ordImage = (OrdImage)ors.getCustomDatum(3,OrdImage.getFactory());
           - Thanks,

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          The java api is an api which is designed to do something. asking for jsp implementation for java api is meaningless. jave is a full fledged language and jsp uses scripting language to design GUI.

          for your problem, upload the image via a jsp page and get the image on server using servlet, use advanced imaging api in servlet to resige it and then store it in the database.