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    How to restrict URL to open only from Forms and not from Browser


      Our application built in forms, calls a URL.

      The URL is essentially a path on the application server where files are stored. Users can access this to download files from the server.

      However the URL can also be opened independently from the browser.

      Is there any way, such that the URL can only be opened through the application, and it should be denied when it is opened through the browser.

      More details :

      Server : itabc123

      Location on server : /home/rpdabc/interface/outward/

      Alias created in httpd.conf : /rpdabc-dir/ "/home/rpdabc/interface/outward/"

      <Directory "/home/rpdabc/interface/outward/">
      Options Indexes Multiviews

      from application : web.show_document('http://itabc123:7778/rpdbabc-dir');

      Kindly advise,

      Thanking you,