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    audit trail cleanup

      In Oracle Database, to delete audit trails after the audit records have been inserted into Oracle Audit Vault, is it necessary to schedule Oracle Audit Vault jobs to clean up audit trails on a scheduled basis, or AV automatically cleans up audit trails after the audit records have been inserted into the Audit Vault?
      I know there is a DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT package, but in 11gR2, the deletion of audit trails isn't done automatically?

      If at the exam i'm coming with an ambiguous question, and the answer depends on the db version, which version should i consider? 11gR2?

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          Harm Joris ten Napel-Oracle
          Hi Roger,

          Audit Vault will not cleanup the audit trails on the source database automatically, however if dbms_audit_mgmt is initialized the
          Audit Vault collector will call dbms_audit_mgmt.SET_LAST_ARCHIVE_TIMESTAMP to set the archive time to the date before
          which it has secured the audit records into its repository, you can then call CLEAN_AUDIT_TRAIL using
          USE_LAST_ARCH_TIMESTAMP => true and also schedule a job using CREATE_PURGE_JOB to do this automatically,


          Harm ten Napel