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    Logical M:N Relation with Delete Rule:"NO ACTION" creates "CASCADE" FK

      I think I've detected a bug in the generation of FK when we have"N: N" relations, give me idea that the delete rule that is defined in the relationship of logical model is ignored.
      So I give you a small example to reproduce it:

      I've a simple example of 2 entities:
      Logical Model:
      Entity_A(#id_a, desc)
      Entity_B(#id_b, desc)
      M:N Relation between Entity_A and Entity_B (REL_A_B) with Delete Rule: "NO ACTION".

      When apply "Engineer to Relational Model" I've as result 3 tables:
      Relational Model:
      Entity_A(#id_a, desc)
      Entity_B(#id_b, desc)
      REL_A_B(#id_a, #id_b) but the generated foreign keys are defined using Delete rule "CASCADE".

      Is not supposed to have been generated with delete rule "NOT ACTION"?

      As result the generation of DDL scripts is creating FKs with the clause " ON DELETE CASCADE", which was not originally intended.
      I try to change this value in logical model but I've seen not effect on result.

      I hope I have helped!