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    Hierarchical view access in worklist

      Good Day!
      exists BPM application with roles to grant access to users

      The organisation has Hierarchical structure and user must have access in worklist only to task in his view area

      Is it possible to separate view not only by roles, for example by Hierarchical structure ??

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          Daniel Atwood
          By "organisation has Hierarchical structure" do you mean that you are trying to assign instances by Organization Units instead of Application Roles or LDAP Groups?
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            We have next Organization structure

            1. Company Tester
            1.1Department Socks
            1.1.1 SubDepartment One
            1.1.2 SubDepartment second
            1.1.3 SubDepartment third
            1.2Department T-short
            1.2.1. SubDep T-short One
            1.2.2. SubDep T-short 2
            1.2.3. SubDep T-short 3
            1.3department Smile

            For example employee Emp works in 1.1.1 - and he has view access only to 1.1.1 task in BPM Workslist (of course BPM roles must be granted)
            Next the employee Boss works in 1.1 and he has access to 1.1 + 1,1,1 + 1,1,2 + 1,1,2task in BPM Workslist
            The CEO works at 1. and has access to all tree