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    New Requisition Document type to be created

      Hi All,

      (1) I have a requirement where I need to capture fields on Requisition form and then susbsequently a custom workflow is used for further data processing. I need to have a new Requisition document type, say 'X' (which is different from Purchase Requisition and Internal Requisition).

      Under straight functionality, we cannot have a new Requisition document type (Set up -- Purchasing -- Document types). I have created new lookup code 'X' under LEGAL REQUISITION TYPE, POXMUR_DOCUMENT_TYPE and REQUISITION TYPE.

      Even in profile option, PO: Legal Document Type I can find the value 'X' and set the same but once navigated to Requisition form, the new document ype 'X' is not available on Requisition form's type field. How to achieve the requirement, please.

      (2) When we set the profile option, PO: Legal Document Type to both, the document type Purchase Requisition defaults on Requisition form. Nee to know the logic of this, why it does not default to Internal Requisition!! It may happen a case where Buyer is using both Purchase Requisition and Internal requisition in his day to day business but his major work lies with Internal Requisition not the Purchase Requisition, in that case Internal Requisition should default in type field of Purchase Requisition.

      Advice over above said queries will be highly appreciated.

      With Best Regards,
      Nirabh Nayan