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    Tuxedo license


      We are planning to increase the JOLT Connections to the Tuxedo servers. How to check the current license info for the Tuxedo whether it will support the extra Jolt connections or not?

      We are running Oracle Tuxedo Version with no patch level.

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          Todd Little-Oracle
          Hi Vijay,

          Oracle offers two types of licenses for Tuxedo and Jolt. Most customers are licensed on a per CPU basis like most Oracle products. Customers can also purchase named user licenses which are primarily used for development. With named user licenses, each and every user of the software, either directly or indirectly, must be able to be identified and licensed. So if your application is accessible via the web and uses Jolt to communicate to Tuxedo, it is likely that CPU licensing is what you are using as you would otherwise need to license every web user that can access the Jolt services.

          Unfortunately with recent versions of Tuxedo there isn't an easy way to tell what you are licensed for as there are no license files to install. You will need to contact your Oracle Fusion Middleware account representative to find out what you are licensed to use.

          Todd Little
          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect