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    Any Alternatives to avoid R12 jdev slowness issues

      Hi All,

      I am using R12 jdeveloper and connecting to my environment through VPN. Ofcourse, as many already posted/discussed over this forum, myself too facing the same slowness issue while loading R12 pages.

      Now, am looking for alternatives. Any ideas would be greatly helpful. My server & DB are in remote and no way to clone it to local.

      Am completely stuck with huge development due to very slow jdeveloper performance.

      What are all the possible alternatives? Any help links would be greatly appreciated.

      I heard something like using Teamviewer to configure the instance over remote and access it by one at a time. but it is One-At-A-Time. I need some solutions to multiple developers to use same/different jdevelopers at a time.

      Some do mentioned about Remote DB and Citrix software usage. How could i configure it. Any notes on it?

      It is urgent. Any help/guidance is of timely help.thanks.