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    Error with CreateSession object

      When i am running the following code from soa server,

      IAgileSession m_session = null;
      IAdmin admin = null;
      IAgileClass cls = null;

      try {
      HashMap params = new HashMap();
      params.put(AgileSessionFactory.USERNAME, "******");
      params.put(AgileSessionFactory.PASSWORD, "********");
      AgileSessionFactory instance = AgileSessionFactory.getInstance("************************");
      m_session = instance.createSession(params);
      admin = m_session.getAdminInstance();
      cls = admin.getAgileClass( "ProblemReport" );
      IServiceRequest psr = (IServiceRequest)m_session.createObject( "ProblemReport", s );

      } catch (APIException e) {
      I am getting the following error Error code : 60086
      Error message : Call APIException.getRootCause() for details.
      Root Cause exception : weblogic.rjvm.PeerGoneException: ; nested exception is:
      weblogic.utils.NestedException: java.lang.AssertionError: Exception creating response stream.

      Both Oracle SOA and Agile PLM are hosted on weblogic server 10.3.5, the version of Agile PLM is 9.3.1.

      Does, anyone have idea about this error. The same code is working perfectly from stand alone java client, but when i am deploying the code from weblogic server it is raising above error.