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    Drill Report

      how can i create a drill down report ? if i have a summary column in Rows pane of OBIEE pivot , now i want to upon clicking this column i would have detail of this summary column.
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          You need to have Dimension hierarchy in your BMM to deal with this..
          Best doc is to read Admin tool help file for the same

          if not check these

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            but the data which i drill is not of dimension , it is an another table data.
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              That is called as Navigation.
              Check this

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                You have 3 options

                1> Create a dimension hierarchy. Even if the tables are different they can be part of same logical table. Like Country and State can be from different tables but you add these 2 tables in LTS and create hierarchy.

                2> Create a summary report and a Detail report. Provide action link from summary to detail report.

                3> Use Master detail link between summary and Detail report. You will have to keep Master and Detail reports in same dashboard.

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