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    Oepe is not compatible with OSB (latest Version)

      Im installing the latest version of both, WebLogic Server with OEPE and OSB Generic and when I installing the OSB and setting the location for the OEPE I just receive a message saying that this is not a correct version, so i wonder how oracle releases two new versions that are incompatible between themself. Im tryint to set up a local environment for self learning purpose and been stuck for days tryint to find a reasonable solution...
      Just for the records im installing over Win 7 64 bits
      .than you in advance
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          OEPE releases much more frequently than OSB, so you will find that to use OSB Eclipse plugins, you need a specific version of OEPE. Frequently, it isn't going to be the latest version. I am not familiar with the OSB installer. Does the installer error message not tell you what version of OEPE it is expecting? If it doesn't, you will need to ask on the OSB forum.

          You can download any past version of OEPE from this location:


          - Konstantin