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    BPEL gets deployed on SOA server successfully but it is not available

      Hi, I go to http://localhost:7001/em and click on SOA folder in the left panel. I can clearly see the soa_infra(soa_server1) under the SOA folder. There is a default partition under the soa_infra on which I deploy a BPEL application as a jar file (This jar file is generated by the JDeveloper.) The BPEL deploys successfully on the soa_server1 without any issues or error messages. The log file confirms that the BPEL got deployed successfully. Under the default partition on the left panel I can see the name of the BPEL now. I click on the BPEL name and look at the detail page. Over there, the "Test" tab is disabled. There are no instances or faults. Also under the "component Metrics" section, I don't see anything but a message: "Unavailable". I am already spending 3 days trying to find out what may be wrong and resolve the issue but I haven't been successful. Please help! Thanks.