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    Linking Independent Processes


      How do we link various processes i.e initiating of one process automatically needs to initiate various other processes and all these process has to be linked in such a way that all these instances have to be grouped together a common category in the workspace. Any pointers on how to accomplish this type of requirement?

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          Your situation sounds like a perfect example of how to use signal events: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28271_01/doc.1111/e15176/ipc_bpmpd.htm#BPMPD733. Have you tried this?
          I am not sure how you would group these instances to display together in the workspace; I doubt Oracle provides something like this out of the box.

          Let us know how you address this.
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            Thanks for the response, I am thinking that the probable solution could be for a parent process to start these child sub processes using co-relation and then customizing the workspace using ADF so that the main process has the child process inside it.

            Would be glad to hear from you and experts to know if that could be the right approach. Signals would surely help in inter process communication but i guess we would not be able to link the proceses.