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    Multiple instances of Concurrent Program Being Submitted Diffrently

      h3. Hi Oracle Gurus,

      I am new here and was unable to find the correct category to post my thread into. So please if you know the right category please move it or let me know.

      I am having an issue with the order of submission of the same concurrent program with different responsibility.

      h4. Let me explain with an example:
      I have program CProg which is incompatible to itself in the present setting. There are multiple schedules running of the program with different responsibility. The problem arises when the schedules overlap.
      Now let's take 2 schedules:
      1. Runs daily at 2 PM. To identify name it as CProgSch1
      2. Runs the program every 3 hours. CProgSch2

      The priority of both requests is same.
      h4. Terms:
      Request_Date:+The time at which the parent program requested child program to be submitted.+
      Requested_Start_Date:+The time at which the program was meant to be run.+
      Actual_Start_Date:+Time when the program was actually run.+
      Actual_Completion_Date:+Time when the program finished execution.+

      h4. Now, the details are:
      CProgSch1_________25 Dec 2012 2.20PM__________26 Dec 2012 2PM_____________26 Dec2012 2.02 PM________26 Dec 2012 2.22 PM
      CProgSch2_________ 26 Dec 2012 10.58AM________26 Dec 2012 1.55PM___________26 Dec 2012 2.23PM________26 Dec 2012 2.26 PM

      After I checked why not one but both programs missed to start at Requested_Start_Date( by 2 minutes and 23 minutes) I came to know that there was another program running which completed at 2.02PM.
      After its completion to my surprise CProgSch1 which was scheduled 5 Minutes later ran instead of CProgSch2.

      And as listed above, CProgSch2 which was scheduled to run at 1.55PM was actually run at 2.23 PM after completion of CProgSch1 at 2.22PM.

      It seems that Oracle prioritizes the programs based on Request_Date rather than Requested_Start_Date. Is this so? Can we do something so that oracle picks up programs based on Requested_Start_Date instead of Request_Date.