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    SSHR - Alert notification


      I am using a SIT in SSHR which is routing for approval. Suppose, if the initiator clicked "Save for Later" button with the required information, a record is inserted into HR_API_TRANSACTIONS and other two HR_API_ tables.
      Based on the record insertion in HR_API_TRANSACTION table, I am sending an alert to some employees. The alert is fired even the initiator clicked "Save for Later" button instead of "Submit" button.

      How can I trigger an alert only after the initiator clicked "Submit" button?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Please check the table HR_API_TRANSACTIONS there is a column called Status. As per my knowledge the entry W is for working/Saved for letter.
          You can cross check this again by placing any transaction in saved for letter status.

          If you want this only for Submit then the correct status should be S (Pending for approval)


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            Thanks Avinash for your reply.

            I tried a transaction now. Initiator clicked "Submit" button and the next approver has received a notification. I checked HR_API_TRANSACTION table. It still shows "W" instead of other status in this transaction.
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              Here is the meaning of different values in the column:-

              D - Deleted
              C - Cancelled
              E - Error
              RI - Return for Correction
              RIS - Return for Correction + Save For Later
              S - Save for Later
              W - Review page
              Y - Pending Approval
              YS - Pending Approval + Save for Later

              Source :- Metalink note, What is the Meaning of Statuses in HR_API_TRANSACTIONS Table? [ID 438346.1]

              Hope this helps.

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                Thanks again.

                I did one more transaciton. The initiator clicked "Submit" button, and still status field of "HR_API_TRANSACTION" shows "W".

                Is there any other way we can track the initiator submitted the transaction?
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                  Just check once if "Workflow Background process" is running or not. Status should change.

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                    Hi Avinash,

                    I ran "Workflow Background Process" also. still the status of this transaction in HR_API_TRANSACTION table is "W". Do I need to link any WF_ tables to get accurate status?

                    I created a new workflow process "XX_HR_SIT_JSP_PRC" by copying from the standard "HR_SIT_JSP_PRC" and using it in SSHR for approval. Is it because of that?