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    oracle 11g r2 export problem

      hi everybody

      I have oracle 11g r2 64 bits database installed in my windows server 2008 64 bits machine
      I made about four exports from this database, but recently i'm facing a problem with it and i dont know why this is happening
      The export seems hang or block in "exporting system procedural objects and actions" line and never gets out of there.

      .About to export the entire database ...
      . exporting tablespace definitions
      . exporting profiles
      . exporting user definitions
      . exporting roles
      . exporting resource costs
      . exporting rollback segment definitions
      . exporting database links
      . exporting sequence numbers
      . exporting directory aliases
      . exporting context namespaces
      . exporting foreign function library names
      . exporting PUBLIC type synonyms
      . exporting private type synonyms
      . exporting object type definitions
      .*exporting system procedural objects and actions*

      Is there anyone who have faced it and have the solucion for this problem?
      I have also an oracle 10g database installed, and I never saw this before.
      This problem only happening with 11g r2?
      I need help

      Best regards