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    Constraining values in Dashboard Prompt based on previous prompt selection

      Hi All,

      Here I have a requirement to create 4 prompts.

      we have a hierarchy like Region->sub-region->branch-> territory. I need to create four prompts on all of them.
      If i select value form 1st prompt, i need to get related values in 2nd prompt ..so on. Here for the 2nd i need to apply some more conditions like sub-region name not like ''%Default%' to be applied. and just like this 2nd prompt we need to apply for 3rd prompt like branch name not like '%Default'% to restrict the values.

      Here I have used presentation variable to capture the 1st prompt and used in the 2nd prompt to restrict the values in second prompt, but when using the presentation variable the
      values in 2nd prompt is not refreshing automatically until i press go button. But the requirement is it need to be auto refreshed.

      Thanks in Advance.