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    Dropship - PO Diagnostics error

      Hi All,

      I ran PO Diagnostics report for Requisition import issue then i got below two errors,

      1.ERROR - Deliver to location Id is not valid
      ACTION - Ensure deliver to location id is valid


      2.ERROR - The Item Id is not purchasing enabled in the purchasing organization
      ACTION - Ensure the item chosen is purchasing enabled in the purchasing organization when source type code is VENDOR

      This is seems to be setup issue, where can i change deliver to location and item chosen is purchasing enabled in the purchasing organization.

      Please help me to move forward.

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          The error indicates that the value populated for the field "Deliver to location id" in the requisition import is incorrect. Please review the location setup.

          The other error indicates at the item master (at the inventory organization, where you are shipping the item - ship_to_org), the item is not configured as "purchasable" . Please review the item setup.

          The other option is to first try to create a requisition in the front end, then review the backend details from requisition tables. then use the item\deliver to location id's to test the reqimport.