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    Hierarchy behaving wierdly

      I have a 5 level hierarchy set up.

      The first one is the Date column and has around 10 days worth of data.

      What's happening is that, when I click on the title "Date" to drill down to the next level, the data set that gets returned gives back only 3 days worth of data, I lose the other 7 days. The weird part is that on drilling down further by clicking the next title "Line of Business", I get back all my dates and all my data perfectly.

      Why do I lose my data for the first drill down and get it back for the second drill down. Any takes anyone?

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          Measures calculated at any hierarchy level is nothing but a data grouped at that corresponding level's key.

          So, when you expect to see 10 records at a level, but could see just 3, there's something wrong with your level keys or your dimensional keys.

          Hope this helps and hope I was clear too.

          Thank you,