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    upgrading from 10g raw devices to 11g with ASM

      We have a 2 node rac cluster running on HPUX Itanium platform running oracle rdbms that is currently configured using raw devices for ocr, voting disk, and all of the datafiles. We have a business requirement that is mandating that we have to use TDE tablespace encryption and in order to do so we must now upgrade to 11g.
      We are in the planning stages for the upgrade process and I am just trying to understand or find out what is going to be the best method to move the data that is currently in the tablespaces on the raw devices over to new tablespaces that will be created within ASM and will be created as TDE encrypted tablespaces?
      Our database is about 1.8 TB and we have alot of fairly large critical transactional tables that support a 24 x 7 oltp environment that cannot afford downtime.
      Any suggestions are welcomed,
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          You need suggestion For Upgrade Or Downtime
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            Sorry I guess I was not very clear as to what I was asking.
            So the reason for upgrade is so that we can do tablespace level encryption, and I know that we can do the upgrade then confiigure new encrypted tablespaces in the ASM diskgroups but then was trying to know whats the best method for then moving the data that still exists in the original tablespaces which reside on raw devices.
            So I guess the question is really more about downtime and how to avaoid downtime while having to move the data over to the new tablespaces.
            Does that make more sense?
            Sorry, I am trying to get my head wrapping around how we will get everything upgraded without affecting production and I am kinda leaning towards standing up an 11g system in parallel and then figure out how to replicate the data using golden gate perhaps.