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    Rac Global Cache


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      I read RAC dcoument from http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B10501_01/rac.920/a96596/glossary.htm.

      What is the difference between Global Cache Service (GCS) and Global Cache Service Processes (LMSn) and Global Cache Service (GCS) resources?

      Does both GCS and LMSn seperate process?

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          Maintaining cache coherency is an important part of a RAC activity. Cache coherency is the technique of keeping multiple copies of a block consistent between different Oracle instances. Global Cache Service is a part of it. GCS implements cache coherency by using what is called the Cache Fusion algorithm. GCS is not a process, it's a service which manages the information in the the GlobalResource Directory (GRD). Global Cache Service Processes (LMSn) is a RAC background process. With other RAC background processes it manages the global resources. LMSn manages the GCS. it's a part of it.
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