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    Multiple Clearing BSVs in Single Intracompany Balancing Rule?

      I'm hoping someone here can help with a situation we have in one LE that really needs two different default clearing balancing segment values. We would like to be able to setup an Other-Other intracompany balancing rule to have specific rules for 5 BSVs that will create entries using what amounts to a clearing BSV and the rest use another BSV. But we can only enter one clearing bsv for the rule.

      I've tried using the M:M and Default Rule combination but then the bsv I entered for the accounts is overridden by the actual (it doesn't really make sense anyway to use all other-all other to provide this information). I don't know, we just need a way to tell the system to use X in some cases as the BSV and Y in all others.

      I ran into this problem before and created a different rule for a different category (via FAH). The problem here is that the data is coming from AP and AR and I don't see how to change the category as I could in FAH. Even though the FAH model exists for AP and AR I can't change it to create a new event, category, etc. So why even use FAH For AP and AR. That's a whole different question though.

      Any ideas?

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          Hi Jason,

          on first look, the approach you have taken i.e. Many to Many Journals with Default Clearing BSV value is right, however your test results are negative for that approach ...
          Can you interpret the scenario with an example ....
          Assuming ...

          Your Chart of accounts is 4 segments .... Company - Cost Center - Account - Intercompany
          You have 5 BSV Values assigned to a single LE .. lets say 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 as BSV's

          Now if there is a transaction in GL is entered that attracts an Intracompany rule, what should be the outcome ....?
          Like..if the base entry is something like as stated below,
          Debit 100 - 000 - 10000 - 000 500 USD
          Credit 500 - 000 - 20000 - 000 500 USD

          what should be the resulting balancing lines that system should populate with respective amounts .... ?

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            So let's say we have the followng entries with 505 needing to use a different BSV for intracompany.

            100-000-10000-000-000 10 0
            500-000-10000-000-000 10 0
            505-000-10000-000-000 10 0

            Via the Oracle Intracompany rules the following journal entries should exist.

            100-000-10000-000-000 10 0
            999-000-10000-000-100 0 10 - Created to balance on BSV 100 (999 is the default clearing BSV for 100)
            500-000-10000-000-000 10 0
            999-000-10000-000-500 0 10 - Created to balance on BSV 500 (999 is also the default clearing BSV for 500)
            505-000-10000-000-000 10 0
            998-000-10000-000-000 0 10 - Created to balance on BSV 505 (but 998 is the default clearing BSV for 505)

            The IC segment may or may not have a non 000 value. In my example, the IC segment is alway 000.

            The Oracle Intracompany Balancing rules work alright if there is a need for only one Default BSV but not when more than 1 is needed. In the past I have been able to create a new rule for a specific category but in the current situation I do not know how to define a new category for AP and AR such that these journals can be differentiated. It really should not be hard to define a new FAH model to do this but in AR and AP the FAH model definitions cannot be updated for some reason which does not make much sense to me since why use FAH for AP and AR if you can't change the model. Seems almost pointless.