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    DRM Production Readiness


      Has anyone performed a production or deployment readiness assessment of DRM prior to a go-live date? What were the key aspects of DRM that were tested/validated for this, both from an application module standpoint and an integration standpoint?

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          In my opinion:
          - SIT and UAT of all DRM extracts to test versions downstream systems (this is critical). Then, detailed metadata comparisons with production systems.
          - Monitoring of impact of things like "slowness" of the system (sometimes caused by excess validations, poor configuration of IIS etc) before go live, database connection usage (base 11.1.2 does not release connections to databases in a timely manner, so patching might be necessary) etc.
          - Training and knowledge transfer for business users and administrator.

          But it all comes down to the first point, test, test and test some more. I would test if test Essbase outlines sync with prod; test planning repositories with prod, EBS flex fields match etc.

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            Thank you very much for your answer - gives me a great starting point.

            In addition to your initial response, what specific areas of the DRM application would you focus on to ensure technical and functional capability? (Versioning? Blending? Export creation? Properties maintenance? or other areas?)

            Thanks again for your valuable input in this area.
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              I would look at:
              - Versioning: can you copy, make as-of versions etc.
              - ActionScripts: can you run them, get transaction history etc.
              - Run exports before and after running exports to see if changes are correct. Look at flat file and table exports.
              - Migration utility: does it function correctly?
              - Are you operationally ready to perform piece-meal migrations or complete repository migrations from one environment to another?
              - Check property exports against existing property exports to see if they are identical.

              There are plenty more, but hope this gets you started.
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                Thank you very much - this is a HUGE help!