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    1Z0-803 or 1Z0-850?

      I'm planning to take the Java Associate Programmer exam (and after that, the OCP for Java). I have 2 points of view, and i need an advice/recommendation. So:

      1) Take 1Z0-850 (Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 5/SE 6, which covers topics such as Fundamental Object-Oriented Concepts, Java Implementation of Object-Oriented Concepts and so on, not covered in 1Z0-803), and then 1Z0-851 to become a Java SE 6 Certified Professional.
      2) Take directly 1Z0-803 (Java SE 7 Associate), which does not cover topics such as the basics of OO and other introductory notions about the Java Language and the architecture, etc (as 1Z0-850), but contains just "techincal" topics (Working With Java Data Types, Arrays, etc).
      Maybe if i opt for 2), i should already have knowledge of those introductory concepts about Java and OO? or it is not mandatory..

      I think if i take first 1Z0-850, and then 1Z0-851 - Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer, and then upgrading the certification to Java SE 7 Professional, i will pay much more ( than taking 1Z0-803 and finally 1Z0-804 to become an OCP (so just 2 exams)

      So what do you recommend, option 1 or 2?

      One more question: when i go to "Upgrade an existing certification", at http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=458&get_params=p_track_id:JSE7Prog#1 , i see that only "Professional" certifications can be upgraded (Any version Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer OR Any version Sun Certified Java Programmer); so Associate cannot be? e.g. upgrading from 1Z0-850 to 1Z0-803 (which i have mentioned above)

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          IMHO For certifications in general:

          (1) For most people, unless there are other factors, taking certification on the latest version would seem usually to be the sensible course. Factors against it might include for example if training, especially and mandatory training, for the earlier version was more accessible or cheaper.


          - Typically for OCA's the difference between OCA(ver (x)) and OCA(ver (x-1)) will be one exam. On this basis there is no point for Oracle(or the candidate) in an upgrade exam, simply take the OCA(ver (x)) exam.
          - IMHO It is also important for OCA's to focus on getting to OCP standard which should provide a fuller and more rounded view of the product; rather than concentrating on new features.
          - (The typical example here would be 1z0-053 which concentrates a lot on backup ... would one want a DBA OCA focusing on exotic new features before he has demonstrated mastery of backup).

          - For OCP to (ver (x)) from (OCP (ver (x-1)) via OCA would be 2 exams (twice the cost). An upgrade exam here is a single exam cost.
          - The upgrade exam here allows Oracle to focus on OCP level candidates concentrating on the new features of the latest version, where their knowledge gap will be.
          - (and also where Oracle needs to get this knowledge into the community).