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    Programmatically install plugin into JDeveloper


      I'm trying to programmatically install a plugin into JDeveloper, but I don't seem to be able to figure out how this can be achieved. It should be doable, shouldn't it?

      Tracing the steps the ESDK installation through the update center takes, I'm creating a file "jdeveloper-deferred-updates.txt" in the JDeveloper root settings directory $HOME/.jdeveloper/ that resembles the information from the ESDK plugin.

      I was hoping that upon the next restart, the plugin installation is triggered in a similar fashion as with the ESDK plugin. But nothing happens!

      BUT, when I invoke the Check for Updates... menu item, a dialog appears that warns that some updates have already been installed and checking for updates might be harmful: [url http://www.triemax.com/images/update_warning.png]img:update_warning.png

      If I cancel the progress, the usual update dialog appears that asks for a JDeveloper restart: [url http://www.triemax.com/images/update_info.png]img:update_info.png

      If I do restart JDeveloper, the plugin becomes available as desired. While this could work as a workaround, the procedure is not user-friendly and somewhat irritating.

      I would appreciate if anybody could provide some insight how installation can be triggered programmatically to provide a fully automated experience. Thank you.

      Happy New Year,