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    Showing Query Result Like Form

      Hi all,

      I'm using OBIEE 11g.

      I have an analysis, with criteria:
      Month | Sales ID | Sales Name | Total Sales

      The filter is for one Sales ID and for one Month only, therefore, only 1 record is returned.

      The result for Sales ID = S001 and Month = January, shown with default table view is:
      Month | Sales ID | Sales Name | Total Sales
      January | S001 | Seller 01 | 1,000

      I would like to show this like in a form, like:
      Month: January
      Sales ID: S001
      Sales Name: Seller 01
      Total Sales: 1,000

      How can I achieve that using just table view or pivot table view? I can't use narrative view, because the Seller Name column's value need to have an action link to navigate to other reports.

      Any suggestion? Thanks a lot!