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    error sqlexception null resultset grid control

      Hi all,

      I am trying to install Grid Control 11g on Oracle RAC 11g, but getting an error:
      "ERROR: SQLException null Resultset
      Cause: Verifying whether database is valid for this install, using the given credentials has failed.
      Possible Reasons:
      1. Credentials provided may be incorrect
      2. Listener may be down
      3. Database may be down
      Recommendation: Check whether it is because of the above said possible"
      I've connected using the credentials.
      Th error comes just after sepciying the DB HOSTNAME,PORT,SERVICE,PASSWORD of SYS

      please suggest me for the same
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          Erman Arslan
          11g Grid Control re-Install fails at CONNECT TO ORACLE DATABASE step with ERROR.SQLException null Resultset [ID 1331044.1]

          Follow the steps provided below:

          1. Run the below command to remove all the SYSMAN and other information leftover in the repository due to the earlier failure installation.

          $<ORACLE_HOME>/sysman/admin/emdrep/bin/RepManager <repository_database_host> <repository_database_port> <repository_database_sid> -action dropall -dbUser <repository_database_user> -dbPassword <repository_database_password> -dbRole <repository_database_user_role> -mwHome <middleware_home> -mwOraHome <oms_oracle_home> -oracleHome <oms_oracle_home>


          $<ORACLE_HOME>/sysman/admin/emdrep/bin/RepManager test.oracle.com 1535 gcdb -action dropall -dbUser sys -dbPassword syspwd -dbRole sysdba -reposName sysman -reposPassword sysmanpwd -mwHome /u01/app/Oracle/Middleware -mwOraHome /u01/app/Oracle/Middleware/oms11g -oracleHome /u01/app/Oracle/Middleware/oms11g

          2. Retry the installation by invoking the "runInstaller".