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    Integrating BI publisher with OIM error

      Hi all,,

      sorry, any body help me please!
      before, I had to install and integrate BI Publisher with OIM with the following steps:
      - copy and zip file oim_product_reports_11_1_1_3_0.zip from MiddleWare_Home/IDM_Home/server/reports to BI Publisher Home/xmlp/XMLP/Reports
      - define OIM JDBC in BI publisher, and i test successfully
      - configure BI Url in EM, Application Defined MBeans ->oracle.iam->Server (ServerName)->Application:oim->XML Config->Config->XMLConfig.DiscoveryConfig->Discovery, and apply

      but, when i'll test that integration in OIM web admin, i cannot find report BI publisher menu/page

      whether I have done the wrong way?, or there are any additional configuration which i didn't do yet?


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