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    Database adapter exception handling

      Using Database adapter in ESB process that polls using DeletePolling strategy.

      On hitting exception due to some date format issue the adapter stops polling and the polling resumes only after identifying and removing the faulty record from the table.

      We have to do manual process of identifying the faulty records, since the error is not reported in any of the log files.

      Can configure to log this type of error?
      Would any rejection handling work in this case?

      Using Oracle ESB
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          When records are inserted into the table, then the date format will be of sql type which is supported by db adapter. This might not be causing the issue. I hope you don't have a scenario where db adapter is updating a record through it's logical delete strategy and the same record is updated by another service. This would result in stopping db adapter polling. Provide the log trace for this. You can change the mode to trace-32 at soa.adapter level in em console.


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            Database adapter is failing on hitting exception(due to incorrect data format), which we are not able to see in the logs. Not using logicalDeletePolling strategy. The log level is in production mode and we cannot change this setting to level lower than this.

            . Will rejection handler work for DB polling, we have it for file adapter but for DB rejection doesn't work I guess.
            . Is there anything that I can do to handle this exception.