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    ADF issue

      Hi Colleagues,

      I have an EAR file that we deployed and when starting, I see this:

      BEA-160188> <Unresolved WebApp library references defined in weblogic.xml, of module 'ezaVC.war' [Extension-Name: adf.oracle.domain.webapp, exact-match: false].>

      What I have done so far:
      1). Re-installed ADF Runtime patch and ran config.sh.

      When running config.sh, and extending the domain, I did not see the ADF configuration option.

      Should i install the ADF framework?

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          Make sure your server domain is extended by Oracle JRF.
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            anjhawar - oracle
            Not sure whether you got the answer to this query, but let me give a shot here. Basically this message you are observing is logged when there are a missing libraries (which are being referenced in application deployment descriptors) while the application initialization/activation/deployment. In your case its:


            Now till here everything is understandable from the message, the key war that seems to be missing here is "adf.oracle.domain.webapp.war", which I think you can find in:


            You can try to deploy using the admin console (as a normal deployment) to the managed node where you are deploying your ear.