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    Hyperlink(Drill Down) option in Siebel BI Publisher Report

      1) We have one requirement where the report should have master detail link. If user opens the master report and clicks a record in it, that should take him to the child report(next page) of the report.

      Technically in Siebel language --> This report shows the last 24 Hours Incidents in one single report. ( Incident is one of entity in Siebel is similar like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities).

      The Incident numbers will be displayed on the top portion of the report with Hyperlink. By clicking on the hyperlink, the control should land on that particular incident which contains Incident details

      FYI: We are using Siebel Public Sector Application 8.2.2 and BI Publisher running on Windows Sandbox Environment

      I wanted to know how can be this achieved.

      2) Fields which are empty and are not entered by the user should not appear in the report, The report should squeeze and the empty (or) blank fields should not appear in the report.

      Usually User logs into Siebel and say if there are 10 fields in one report, if the user enters values only in 5 fields, the reports should display only 5 fields and the remaining 5 fields should not be displayed and the empty space for the remaining 5 fields needs to be squeezed up int he report.