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    Siebel Web Session - The user ID or password that you entered is incorrect.

      After successfully getting Siebel 8.1 Tools installed locally I am unable to get access the wb client.

      I have tried the following without success:

      Copied mwc_storage.cfg file from client directory to tools directory

      Followed directions from here to update my tools.cfg file

      Attempt to update the DNS on in the ODBCAD32.exe with my user name/passwOrd (ALL CAPS/NUMBERS AND LETTERS ONLY), tested the connections and all connections were successful.

      Using DBISQLIC.exe I have also attempted to update my password.

      I'm new to Siebel and new to this forum. If anyone could be of assistance I would appreciate it.

      Local section of my tools.cfg file.

      Docked = FALSE
      ConnectString = C:\Apps\Siebel\Client\SIA81\local\sse_data.dbf -m -x NONE -gp 4096 -c256m -ch256m
      TableOwner = SIEBEL
      DockedDBFilename = CHANGE_ME
      DLL = sscdw9.dll
      SqlStyle = Watcom
      MaxCachedCursors = 16
      MaxCachedDataSets = 16
      ReverseFillThreshold = 100
      CaseInsensitive = FALSE
      InsensitivityFactor = 2
      DockTxnsPerCommit = 500
      DockConnString =28SVMSBLDEV1070
      AutoStopDB = FALSE
      EnterpriseServer = PRSBTS_ENT
      DSHashUserPwd               = TRUE
      DSDockEncryptDB = TRUE
      DSHashAlgorithm = RSASHA1