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    excel sheet scrolling problem

      Hi all,
      We are having issue with sunray client 3i and 3 .

      We are using sunray release 5.2.1 on solaris x86 update 10 and it is vm on vmware we are using sunray connector and with xp as VM on vmware.

      when we delete cells in excel sheet , it is very slow . when i click on scroll bar , the cells scroll continually and i cannot stop scrolling. sometimes scrolling is very slow.

      I tried all possible switches with uttsc command and applied patch for uttsc-bin also as per oracle but no luck.

      please help me to solve this issue.

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          Not sure if you already figured this out, my reply isn't exactly timely.

          Had the same issue with Windows XP, we resolved by turning off cell animations for Excel. Can do by adding HKCU - Software - Microsoft - Office - Version # - Excel - Options, add DWORD Options95=1

          This fixed the slow scrolling issue for us, as well as an issue where sessions would get disconnected back to the VDI log in screen when trying to scroll around or delete big chunks of rows