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    Can not run or publish SQR jobs in Hyperion BI +

      I am trying to define the Production Reporting Engine for Oracle thru Admin in the workspace and getting the below error. This EPM Server is installed on AIX.

      METHOD: convert:?] [resource_id: administrator] [subject: Server0 on host xxx0-01] [SRC_CLASS: com.brio.one.common.utils.CommonIdlUtility] [originator_n
      ame: PUB_0000013bae5d1ddc-0001-e376-0a1f2450_sdxbf-brnp01] 1001101[[
      Dec 19 07:44:07.051
      com.sqribe.transformer.TransformerException: 1001101
      at com.sqribe.transformer.Link.populate(Unknown Source)
      at com.sqribe.transformer.SQRProgramLink.populate(Unknown Source)
      at com.sqribe.transformer.Link.populate(Unknown Source)
      at com.sqribe.transformer.ContainerCache.populate(Unknown Source)
      at com.sqribe.transformer.ContainerCache.get(Unknown Source)
      at com.sqribe.transformer.ContainerCache.get(Unknown Source)
      at com.sqribe.transformer.GetContainerCommand.execute(Unknown Source)
      at com.sqribe.transformer.SessionCommand.execute(Unknown Source)
      at com.sqribe.transformer.ClientThread.run(Unknown Source)

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