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    Oracle XE web server home directory.

      This must be easy but I have been looking for hours and can't find the answer. Btw this is the first time I really look at Oracle XE directory structure in Windows Vista - I usually connect to Oracle and use it as a developer not db admin so forgive me if my question is stupid. So here is the deal:

      I have Oracle XE installed on Vista laptop.
      Oracle is installed in C:\Oraclexe directory and most files are in

      URL http://localhost:8080/apex - takes me to the familiar database web interface.
      http://localhost:8080/ - takes me to what I assume is the http server default home page starting with :

      Basically all I want to know is what physical directory is http://localhost:8080/ mapped to?

      I was trying to search for file "index.htm" but Vista has its own problems with working properly when searching for files.
      http://localhost:8080/i/ shows bunch of .gif files , I tried searching for some of them in vista - no luck. I read that Vista doesn't handle something as simple as file search well, but this is another story.

      All I want to know is what is the home directory for the web server in Oracle XE.