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    JAVA SHAPEFILE CONVERTER  NoClassDefFoundError StructDescriptor

      i used the JAVA SHAPEFILE CONVERTER at oracle Database 11g

      this is the command that i used in simple java desktop application :
      "java -classpath lib\\ojdbc5.jar;lib\\sdoutl.jar;lib\\sdoapi.jar oracle.spatial.util.SampleShapefileToJGeomFeature -h [Server's IP] -p 1521 -s orcl -u [Usename] -d [Passwod] -t [db_table] -f [file_name] -r 32636 -g geom"

      when i run the application from IDE it running well, but when i run it on my PC after deploying, this error is appeared

      "*Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/sql/StructDescriptor*"

      i opened it from another pc it running well,
      i can't define the problem on my PC ,anyone help me !

      Thanks in advance,

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