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    Bulk update

      Hi ALL,

      I wanna update a field in main table that gets data from stage table. both has a common connect key.
      I wana update all rows in main table that has atleast 50 000 rows like a bulk update.
      Could any one help me out on this
      (oracle 11g)

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          Solomon Yakobson
          Why do you need bulk update? You have table main with columns connecting and update_me, right? And you have table staging with columns connecting and new_value. Then use:
            into main m
            using staging s
            on (
                s.connecting = m.connecting
            when matched
              then update
                      set m.update_me = s.new_value
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            I agree with your return question but just to specifically address the OP's question you can write a FORALL MERGE.

            Demo here: