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    JDK 7u10 not Installing on Windows 8

      I am unable to run the latest JDK install program on Windows 8. I am running Windows 8 64bit on my HP laptop. I am trying to install the latest JDK on it. I've tried jdk-7u10-windows-i586.exe and jdk-7u10-windows-x64.exe. When I run these I get the message: "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?" I select yes and nothing happens. I've tried older versions of the JDK -- JDK6u38 and JDK7u2 -- with the same results. I've disabled my Norton firewall and virus checker. I added the install app to the Windows Firewall. I get nothing. I've been Googling and searching the forum on the problem and found people installing the JDK on Windows 8. But, for some reason I can't.

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