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    Importing duplicate members for planning appln - EPMA Dimension Library


      How to import duplicate members while importing dimensions using flat file in EPMA Dimension Library (

      We have Isprimary column which enables multiple instances of a member as shared members, but how to import duplicate members in EPMA?

      From the EPMA Guide:

      Specifying Primary and Shared Instances of a Member using IsPrimary
      In import files, any two members in the same dimension, with the same name, are always treated
      as separate instances of the same member. If a member has multiple instances in a dimension,
      the IsPrimary column specifies which instance is primary and which instance(s) are shared. The
      IsPrimary column is not required; however, we strongly recommend that you use it. If left
      undefined, it defaults to “True”, which assumes that the member is primary. If left undefined,
      a warning is displayed in the Import Results file.
      Note: Older import files, that do not use the IsPrimary column, can still be run. However, if the
      import file does not have the IsPrimary column, it is not possible to create shared members
      or move members.

      Thanks in advance.