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    is add trans data is requied

      i am transfering data from sqlserver 2005 to oracle 11xe r2.
      using ogg112101_ggs_Windows_x86_ora11g_32bit " ogg for oracel",
      and V34016-01 "ogg for sqlserver".
      i have tabel and cols at both the end with out data.

      step 1 making odbc conn to mssql
      step 2 loginin into sqlserver ogg (ggsci) then making add trans data enable for the table.
      step 3 make defgen pramater file for defgen tool.
      defsfile c:\gg\dirdef\emp.def
      sourcedb hr
      table hrschema.emp;

      step 4 defgen paramfile c:\gg\dirprm\defgen.prm

      step 5 coping to target machine's dirdef folder of ogg for oracle.

      step 6 creating pramter file for extract
      RMTFILE /u01/app/oracle/gg/dirdat/ex
      TABLE hrschema.emp;

      step 7 extract paramfile dirprm\inext.prm reportfile dirrpt\inext.rpt

      step 8 replicat paramfile dirprm/inload.prm

      these process are transfering my data from source to target.

      my question is , is trans data command for each table is really required ?
      becasue i have used this command for few tables they are also transfering
      and i have left few tables but these tables are also transfering data.

      i do not have any problme in running this command , i will run it , but i would like to know if it is relally required (even in future)then only i would like ot use it
      if it is good practice then also i will use it .

      yours sincerely
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          INSERT and DELETE operations will be replicated even if you do not add trandata.However, if you UPDATE a non-key column of a table it will only be replicated to the target table if the trandata is added for that table.
          You can test it.
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