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    Dell T3600 Server not detecting physical harddrives

      Hi ,
      I am trying to install Oracle Vm 2.1.1 on our new Dell Precision T3600 Server.Below is our configuration
      1)64GB ram
      2)Two hard disks of 2TB's

      Problem is i am trying to install oracle Vm 2.1.1 but it is not detecting the phsyical hard disks to install the software. We want to go with oracle vm 2.1.1 because it uses the local disks as repository . Please help in this issue.

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          You don't need to go with 2.1.1 to get local hard drive support. You just can't use the free space on system drive for storage in 3.1.1.

          Either way... if 2.1.1 doesn't see your local drives.... Its doesn't make much difference either way.

          The T3600 is really a workstation. Not that I haven't used workstations as server and Dell's workstations are work horses. I suggest you use VirtualBox on a windows platform. I don't see support for any Linux distribution for the T3600. You might try running OEL 6.3 or maybe OEL 5.7 or 5.8 with Virtual Box.

          Either way. With Virtualbox you can run Oracle VM if you need to use it for some reason. If you don't.... then Virtualbox is a great product you can use by itself to do virtualization on your t3600.
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            I used to configure the local storage many times with Oracle VM 3.1.1 and working fine. You must separate disks (have at least 2 hard disks or 2 groups of Hard Disk Array) one for VM Server OS and one for Local Storage.

            Good luck & regards,