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    using balances in BG_ABSENCE_DURATION

      Hello, I'm getting this strange error.
      I created a balance HAJ_LEAVE_BALANCE, which feeds in a Days input value into the balance and added the assignment inception to date dimension to it.
      Now in my BG_ABSENCE_DURATION formula, I'm trying to use this balance to compare, like:

      if HAJ_LEAVE_BALANCE_ASG_ITD = 0 then e.t.c. Of course I already added the line


      at the top of my formula.
      Unfortunately I keep getting this error:

      APP-FF-33005: The local variable HAJ_LEAVE_BALANCE_ASG_ITD was used before being initialized

      Not sure why this would happen. Can I use balances in quickpaint formulas or not? The balance is clearly visible in the table ff_database_items so I'm really scratching my head here

      Many Thanks
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          Could you please go to Balance screen and check if your balance name is associated with dimension "_ASG_ITD".
          Also please check all variables are spelled correctly.

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            The message occurs because the formula compiler doesn't recognise that as a database item. The DB items you use in any formula are only usable if they have all their required contexts set by the calling process - a QP-type formula does not set all the contexts that a payroll-type formula would. Check out the table FF_FTYPE_CONTEXT_USAGES to see the differences between the two formula types (formula_type_id = 61 for payroll, 101 for QP)

            In short, if you want to obtain balances for a QP formula you might need to make use of a pl/sql function within the QP formula.


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              Oh my, that is unfortunate. Thanks though. Have written a function to retrieve the value in question.