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    Log File Monitoring in OEM 12c Cliud Control(R1)

    Roshni Shankar
      Hi All,

      I have installed OEM 12c Cloud Control(R1). I want to monitor a log file in OEM like if the particular log file contains the string "ERROR" I want to send create an incident and send notification. Can anyone please suggest me how can I achieve this?
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          Log file monitoring is documented here

          Incident Management is covered here

          The above should give you everything you need to get started.

          Regards, Mark.
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            Venkata Thiruveedhi-Oracle

            You can define Incident Rules that enable you to manage the automation and implementation of operational practices that manage events, incidents, and problems.
            A rule consists of the selection criteria to identify the incidents the rule applies to, the conditions when the rule should be applied, and actions to be taken in response to the incident.

            Configuring notification rules in 12c is different from earlier releases.
            The concept and function of notification rules has been replaced with a two-tier system consisting of Incident Rules and Incident Rule Sets :

            1. Incident Rules: Operate at the lowest level granularity (on discrete events) and performs the same role as notification rules from earlier releases.
            By using incident rules, you can automate the response to incoming incidents and their updates.
            A rule contains a set of automated actions to be taken on specific events, incidents or problems.
            The actions taken are for example : sending e-mails, creating incidents, updating incidents, and creating tickets.

            2. Incident Rule Set: A rule set is a collection of rules that applies to a common set of objects, for example, targets, jobs, and templates.

            To help you to achieve the Notification Rules configuration, refer those notes :

            How To Configure Notification Rules in 12C Enterprise Manager Cloud Control ? Doc ID 1368036.1

            EM12c How to Add and Configure Email Addresses to EM Administrators and Update the Notification Schedule ?Doc ID 1368262.1

            EM12c How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe for Email Notification for an Incident Rule Set ?Doc ID 1389460.1

            EM 12c How to Configure Notifications for Job Executions ? Doc ID 1386816.1

            ++ Regarding the Managing of the LOG files, follow the document below:

            EM 12c : Managing Log Files In the Cloud Control Console (Doc ID 1407254.1)

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              Hi Roshni,

              One more thing on the log file monitoring, you can actually also setup an alert for a wild card regex directly in the normal metric thresholds for a WebLogic Server target. If you go to the list of all metrics under "Monitoring" for a WebLogic Server target and show "All Metrics", you will see a section called "Log File Monitoring" that can be enabled and then allows you to match patterns and alert on that pattern matching. These will then show up as alerts/incidents like a normal metric alert.

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                Roshni Shankar
                Hi Glen,

                Are you referring OEM 12c Cloud Control(R2) ? I am using OEM 12c Cloud Control 12c(R1) and think this metric is not avaialable with this release I mean with OEM 12c Cloud Control(R1). Can you please confirm once?
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                  Yes, this particular feature that I am referring to was introduced in EM 12c R2, so you will need to upgrade if you are on a previous version.