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    Save storage space through writing compressed backup set

      Hi Guru's,

      I am just googled for compressed backupset in oracle 11gr2 and found that there are basically 4 compression algorithm 'HIGH','MEDIUM','LOW' & 'BASIC'. I just want to know what happens behind these compression algorithm. in earlier relaese it is very well understandable how to make compressed backupset to save the storage the only diff b/w 11gr2 and earlier release is this alogrithm or any other diff is also there. Hw to test this alogrithm can anyon suggest me some example so that my concept is going to be cleared.

      Thanks in advance
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          Assuming I understand your question correctly I like these two tests :



          Index of White Papers :


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            The best way to figure this out is to actually test it using each of the compression levels. You are going to be trading the following: CPU, SPACE and TIME.

            More Space Savings = higher CPU + Longer TIME
            Less Space Savings = less CPU+shorter time.

            The one thing you must also consider is your restore time. You can save all the space you want, but if it takes more than an acceptable downtime to restore, it may not be worth it. If your company is going to have a database and require that data be stored, they should be willing to do what it takes in terms of hardware and storage to be able to manage that data.